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|C a t c h M e|

[26 Jul 2007|11:31pm]
I was brought into a situation whereby I confronted an issue in the office with my boss today. The point is: it was never really about that situation, but the courage to be able to speak my mind. It is always a diffoult thing for me to do.

Recently, I was just had a discussion with Sharon over lunch. She made this statement,"Why we do not act out what we think?". I laughed and agreed with her. The reason for me to pen these thought down is also to process through the 'why's of not doing so.

Questions that I ask myself now:-
1. Am I afraid of being judged/opinioned. Ans: yes.
2. Will I lose the status of being that 'miss nice' in at least most people's opinion about me. Ans: Occasionally.

After what had happened, I emptied my emotions (the angered ones of course ) to my boss thereafter. As I was blaring out all the frustrated words, this was the exact thoughts that ran through,"I don't care! I need to say how I feel!". This was an unusual thing I was doing because I am quite a private person. If I am not happy, I will not say unless, I stress that again reaaaaally unless it is necessary.

The conclusion of the above was God perhaps, well, I have a strong feeling about this that He wants me to confront necessary. It is not just about the above sharing but rather through these few weeks which I realised. I want to pass the test of moulding.

|C a t c h M e|

[02 Jul 2007|09:04pm]
I am into my first year of work today. I would say it is tough, being in a new line. There were many things happened for the past year. Some good ones and some bad ones. Nevertheless, God has been so faithful in my life.

|C a t c h M e|

I quited [15 Jun 2006|11:13pm]
I had finally tendered my resignation 2 weeks ago, after speaking about it for so long. It was a divine appointment truly from God. I am all excited in going to this new line and excited in what God going to do in my life and through me. I was reminded again what I've prayed and asking God to help me also to fulfil what I am currently praying and I am determine that it will be done.

Thank you Jesus!

|C a t c h M e|

Wo Rk i N g [09 May 2006|12:22am]
I am working working working working working working working working working working working working working working working working working working working working working ....................

|C a t c h M e|

New look [25 Jan 2006|01:55pm]

My JMMs at the new year bash

|C a t c h M e|

[23 Jan 2006|11:05pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

Okie jus a short entry for today. Thank U Lord for UR Love today!!! I want to be ever thankful every single day. :)

Your grace is sufficient for me. Your strength is made perfect when I am weak

Though I am still waiting, but I know that U hear them all.

.. ::crea8ive:: ..

|C a t c h M e|

Working at this time [04 Jan 2006|07:09pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

Today is the 4th day of new year 2006, yet I still did not felt the tinge of a new year. 2005 had been eventful, many things happened, good and bad, but through it all, I thank God for putting me through, although some happened because of own rebelliousness. Time to make some serious resolutions this years ( sound like the BJ Diary huh...) I am serious in making them.

Resolution no.1 :

Not trying to be holy ... but truly wanna love God more. Last year, He revealed so much of my own weaknesses and really is because the love of God was not in me and I did not fear HIM. There were so much wake up calls recently and really my mind was so crowded with old memories and burdens that were so worldly that I was blinded and could not see God. Last nite, I just recalled worshipping with one of my youth frens during MUAR days, one of the occasions, this song : Your Unfailing Love. As I began to sing, I felt touched. Truly, I am not looking for any feelings but want to see my life being transformed in His Glory. I began ministering at the platform in worship, and really think that if I dun watch my own lives, those I am ministering will be messed up and certainly I do not want to take this lightly. Lord, I need your grace. I hope to see myself grew in the fear the Lord and abide and obey in ALL HIS COMMANDMENTS and STATUTES, align my purposes to HIM.

Resolution no.2 :

Want to input into my gals' lives. I don't know how to be strict with them and I ask God to give me the wisdom to do so, so as I will not be a stumbling block of what God wants to accomplish in their lives.

Resolution no. 3 :

I want to pray in this year like I've never done before from the past to mingle Praise and Prayer and Worship with Intercession, to stand in the gap for my loved ones.

Resolution no. 4:

To be faithful in my timing to work and not to be late, and also to cut down on cabbing. =)To be a good testimony at work.

Resolution no. 5 :

To excel in inline roller skating and photography, start my guitar interest group by Mid Feb and pray that this group will multiply and may those prebelievers will come to know Jesus.


Already for 1 year that I keep thinking of myself, so this year let me jus give it all to God. Lord I know I can't outgive you, but teach me to give like You have given to me.


|C a t c h M e|

UluPAnDaN Skate Club [05 Dec 2005|01:16pm]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

These few weekends had been going to Ulu Pandan Connector Park to do inline skating, a sport which I wanted to do since later teens but no $$ then. Finally, I can fulfil my dream... Hee hee...

I can say that now I really like this sport and finally I got to know some informal, yet die hard skaters at the park, which is known as the Ulu Pandan Skate Club. This club comprises of pple who skate there, and really am inspired by them. Some of you reading this may think that these pple probably are those young punks in teens or young adults, ironically, they are ex-athletes most of them who are humble and passionate in this sport, some in their early 50s already but they are reaaallly goooood at it man.

Having started with this new group who shares the same passion, hope that there will be great friendship flourishing... :) They even have their own web site.

I hope that I can reach their standard and hee hee go for the inline roller skating marathon next time and give a try....


|C a t c h M e|

Bird Flu [01 Nov 2005|11:07pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

Rested well today, and was just watching tv, hmmm seems like the bird flu epi. is definitely widespread. Japan had traces of it. Sighz...

|C a t c h M e|

[31 Oct 2005|01:51pm]
I finally finished my exams, and I really hope that this will be the end of my schooling days, really am tired of studying and each time stressed up with the finances when school fees are dued... Sigh, my last paper was rather difficult and I am not so sure if I can pass it, nevertheless I still hope for a just passed, hoping that there'll be a miracle.

I hope to enjoy life right now to the fullest, pack my bags and go on a jet plane to anywhere, places I longed to go... and just disappeared for like one month!!! * Grinz * (that is , if I have the $$$...)

Last week message: Celebrate!
Was really good, need to celebrate the good things even though it had not happened... :)

|C a t c h M e|

@ Pac Coffee [02 Oct 2005|02:32pm]
I am here once again... today doing assignment, yesterday message was really good. It's about Seek First the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you. What a familiar verse!!! Yet, I keep losing sight of what really means.

'All these things' is the urgent things of life. The things we wear, we eat. I had not been doing well as a person, as a friend, as a worker, as a daughter.... but I thank God again for speaking to me, His Rhema Word, about the woman who broke the alabaster vial to anoint Jesus and He spoke forgivness to the woman. Yes, I am like the woman full of sins and again receiving the forgiveness, now so true to my spirit man, the message revealed again... the urgent things of my life and seriously, I had been too focus, in fact thinking about them every single day. I begin to change my mindset, wanting to know HIM more, rather than thinking about the urgent things which is still a concern to me. I had victory for the past 2 days.

Everyday became a new beginning, a new battle to fight with Satan... I wanna keep up and know that if my desire align with HIM, me gonna win this fight! and thus seeing my gals' life change as my life changes!!!!

Thank you Lord Jesus Christ! =)

|3caught | C a t c h M e|

我一定要成功! [28 Sep 2005|01:43pm]
[ mood | 一定要堅強 ]


今天是: 九月二十八日,我一定要沉得住氣。


|C a t c h M e|

Worthwhile [02 Sep 2005|12:11am]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

Something to share about, something worthwhile. Some of you just knew that I was at my emotional downhill for quite a period of time... I thank God, because there's something I've learnt , is about considering how God really see me rather than man. To be frank, I am someone who used to be mindful of what and how people look and view me as. There are improvements, I still do now but indeed there's a breakthru.

Last night, I had my G12 meeting with my JMM (fyi, 'jmm' means 姐妹們 ,it is actually our network slogan.... hahaha cool rite!!!) Must introduce which network I am from: Pastor Ong Swee Geok!. As we will be anchoring this month Encounter Weekend, we were supposed to be in the prayer mode, a time of sharing then started, some shared about what we were going thru the week, some stressed on unity that we must have...others on struggles. It was really divine as yesterday short sermon was by Jeslyn and the topic was on overcoming temptations, words was released over the past weeks that, there were entanglements in our lives... I have too...

After hearing all of them shared, I am still thinking if I wanna shared mine too, as mine entanglement seems to be more serious than them. Of course, God knows all... then I began to share, initially just wanna keep it brief, however I felt that it was just the leading of the Holy Spirit, I blab out the whole truth which is a sin that I am struggled with. God already knew and I shouldn't be afraid how humans can see me because I am accountable to God.

Thank you Jesus. I becoming more real le hahahaha not that last time I am unreal but more conservative about my emotions and my life. I pray that the light of Jesus will perpetually shine into all areas of my life... His Name be glorified.

|2caught | C a t c h M e|

Happy Birthday to Me [26 Aug 2005|11:03am]
Dear Lord, thank you for taking time to make me and yes jus wanna affirm your work in progress in my life. Thank you for putting me into this spiritual family who are so soooo supportive.... Lord, there are just so much so much thank you about.........

|C a t c h M e|

TodayZ [15 Aug 2005|02:36pm]
[ mood | content ]

marks 1st anniversary of something happen one year ago...
Location : ChinaSquare
Time : maybe 4plus to 7plus (evening)
Date : 15th Aug 2004
Person I am with that day : Nat

Something really memorable happened and though right now, does not matter anymore, but I certainly wanna thank God for these good times He allowed us to share!!!

Thank you Jesus and thank you Nat! ;)

add on ...

My poly friends gave me a SquareCut Jeans for my birthday and really wanna thank God!!! :) and thank them... It's really blessing from HIM ...

|C a t c h M e|

Blessed still [03 Aug 2005|02:22pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

For the past one month, I was actually in my low phase of my life. I am not those kind wanna share in details because half a time, I can't express well, so I rather keep them. It was hard also cos within my heart, really felt the pain. When I thought about it, sometimes can be hardbroken till I cried during bus rides ( of course alone... ), I don't really wanna let pple worry for me. Glad that it will be over soon liao... or perhaps it's already over. In the midst, I felt really blessed because God knows really how the deep groans within me.

Just yesterday, I received a letter... it was "A Free Treat" for my birthday at Country Manna from M1, never in my life did I get a such thing from them before, I felt tat God wanna really make me feel better in little things in life... :) it was a pleasant surprise though.

|1caught | C a t c h M e|

War??!! [05 Jul 2005|10:50pm]
I jus came back home from a show "War of the worlds", personally I felt that the story line was so so and the theatre was really cold... some part is really quite gan dong but too bad the theatre was too cold...

|C a t c h M e|

Munching away [28 Jun 2005|12:26pm]
[ mood | content ]

I am ending my 61-day wait (2 more days). Seems like things are getting so much more neutral... This wait had not been easy for me, there are so much down times, times when I rebelled, times when I've regretted. In the midst, I thank God, for teaching me, though many times not teachable.


|C a t c h M e|

[22 Jun 2005|09:30am]
Early in the morning really wanna put down some of the thots in the journal but somehow, I do not know wat to write...

|C a t c h M e|

[13 Jun 2005|11:50am]

Anybody who happen to here, kindly remember me in prayer as I am having exams tomorrow - infrastructure for ECommerce

Thank you and God bless

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